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Loft conversions, sometimes referred to in the trade as attic conversions, are cost-effective constructions which increase the amount of living space inside your property and give you an endless choice of possibilities in terms of design and use. Located in Ruislip, Lucas Building Construction Ltd has been converting lofts for homeowners in Chalfont St Peter, Pinner and the North West London area over many years.

We can cover all elements of a loft conversion project to include the structural, plumbing, heating and electrical work. Our builders and tradesmen also insulate, and have skills in carpentry, joinery, plastering, painting and decorating.

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Lofts and attics are interchangeable terms which refer to the space beneath the roof of a building that people often use for storage. However, an attic can sometimes be defined as being bigger than a loft and can run across the entire length of a building. In accordance with current UK specifications, a converted attic becomes known as a loft conversion upon completion, so we cover both as a single term on this page.

Planning Attic and Loft Conversions

There are many things to consider when planning attic or loft conversions, from whether you need planning permission to the type of conversion best suited to your property. With more than 20 years of experience, our builders can provide help at all stages of development. We can convert attics and lofts on most styles of buildings across Ruislip, Chalfont St Peter, Pinner and the surrounding North West London area.

Whether you own a detached, semi-detached or terraced home, we always recommend the most suitable and cost-effective style.

Key factors to consider with loft conversions include:

Planning Permission

Planning permission isn’t a requirement for loft conversions unless we extend the roof by more than 40 cubic metres in a terraced home or by more than 50 metres in a detached or semi-detached build. If any part of an extension sits higher than the existing roof structure, or if you own a local property in a conservation area, you will need prior planning approval. This is something that we can help you with if required.

We have dealt with local authorities many times in the past and know exactly what to look for when making a submission.

Building Regulations

Whether you own a residential property or commercial premises, attic and loft conversions must comply with the latest version of the UK Building Regulations. Checks ensure the structural strength of the floor and roof. They also determine whether there is enough sound and thermal insulation. Building control departments will check for safe access via the use of loft ladders and staircases, and for standards of fire safety.

The builders at Lucas Building Construction Ltd have a good knowledge of regulatory requirements and comply with them all.

Types of Conversions

The decision on the style to use for attic or loft conversions usually depends on the type of property but we also take your budget, your practical requirements and the amount of head height into consideration. Lofts with a head height of less than 2.2m will either require our builders to raise the roof or lower the ceiling in the room below. There are three main styles of conversions to consider, called dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable. Our builders also fit Velux rooflights.

Wherever in Ruislip, Chalfont St Peter, Pinner or the North West London area that you happen to be, we can come out to provide a free, no-obligation survey and quotation.

For more information on planning permission, the UK Building regulations, or the different loft conversions our builders can construct, please get in touch. You can see examples of our previous work in the local area in our website gallery.

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